Child abuse and neglect in social and psychological perspective


Dr Monika Zielona-Jenek


The lecture is realized as an AMU-PIE short course in winter semester. It is dedicated to students of psychology, education, sociology and others who are interested in problems of child abuse and neglect social phenomenon.
The aim of lecture is to provide knowledge on forms and prevalence of child abuse and neglect, modern psychological nad sociological theories that allow to describe, explain and prevent phenomenon (definitions, models of etiology, consequences, interventions). Students, in international group, are also encouraged to discuss significance of sociocultural factors that determine violence towards children.

Assessment criteria

Attendance is mandatory. Students who will miss more than 2 meetings (except for serious matters) will be not grated. Students are expected to take part in discussions during lectures.
Students are expected to prepare 2 reports based on chosen case studies during the semester course and take part in discussions on feedback.
Final test – at least 55% correct answers to pass.

Materials for students

Short syllabus you can find here. Detailed syllabus of the lecture is avaliable here.
Child in a world of social relations – notes
Social context of development – notes
Individual task 1 – Social context of development
Etiology: psychological models – notes
Etiology: social models – notes
Attachment – basic information (additional)
Roszyk, Łukaszewska: Neuropsychological determinants of sexual offending (full text, additional)
Convention on the Rights of the Child UN (full text)
Individual task 2 – Developmental disorder as a risk factor of child abuse
Individual task 3 – Social determinants of child abuse
Forms of child abuse and neglect – notes
D.Glaser: How to deal with emotional abuse and neglect. Further development of a conceptual framework (full text)
Kempe et al: The battered Child Syndrome (full text)
Abuse in peer relations – notes
Rodriguez-Srednicki Twaite: Understanding and reporting child abuse (full text)
Consequences of child abuse and neglect – notes
Individual task 4 – intergenerational transmission of abuse and neglect
Diagnosis of child abuse and neglect – notes
Browne Hamilton Prevention Current and future trends (text)
Prevention of child abuse and neglect – notes

Current information

The exam:

Visit to the office of Local Committee of Children’s Rights Protection (Polish name: Terenowy Komitet Ochrony Praw Dziecka)
address: Garbary Street 97/2 (ground floor)

mapka garbary

During the visit, we will discuss issues related to psychological situation of a child witness in trial procedures.